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We supply Daikin Heat Pumps, Daikin Air Conditioning and Daikin Heat Recovery Systems

Daikin Heat Pumps

We supply and install Daikin heat pumps which use renewable heat from the air, greatly increasing the energy efficiency of your home or business.

daikin heat pumps

Daikin Air Conditioning

RTS Heating & Cooling Services Ltd provides high-quality Daikin air conditioning systems which are classified with the highest energy efficiency labels.

daikin air conditioning

RTS Heating & Cooling Services Ltd supplies and installs quality heating, cooling and energy upgrade systems. Contact us for a free quote!

RTS Heating & Cooling Services Ltd

RTS Heating & Cooling Services Ltd supplies and installs heating and cooling systems for domestic, commercial and industrial customers based throughout Ireland. We are engineers and installations contractors with over two decades of experience working in homes and businesses. We supply and install high-quality Daikin heat pumps, Alterma heat pumps, BER heat pumps, and other heat systems to keep your home or business warm and comfortable throughout the year. We also provide energy upgrades and air conditioning services in homes and commercial properties in all industries.

Our unbeatable combination of quality suppliers, an intelligent approach, our detailed experience and our project management capabilities deliver superior functionality and value every time.

We service and maintain everything we sell. Our manufacturer trained staff service and repair most makes of equipment to ensure that your heating and cooling solutions work well all year around. We have access to spare parts for Mitsubishi and Daikin, and can install these for customers.

What we do

Air conditioning for offices and other occupied spaces
Heat pumps for homes, offices and factories
Chillers for production and storage
Heating for occupied and storage spaces
Heat recovery for air and other media
Ventilation Systems - ATEX, dust and exhaust air
Retrofit Heat Pumps & Heating Systems
Heat Pump Repairs & Installation

Our Clients

Our Blog

  • Where can I find Daikin heat pump systems near me?
    RTS Heating and Cooling Services provides a wide range of Dublin and Waterford heat pumps and heat systems including Daikin heat pumps, Daikin energy upgrades, and Daikin Altherma systems.
  • How much does it cost to get a Daikin heat pump system?
    The price of installing a high-quality Daikin heat pump system varies depending on what type of heat system you need, and whether it’s a retrofit heat pump or totally new installation. Get In touch with RTS Heating and Cooling Services Ltd now for a quote on our heat pump systems.
  • What is a Daikin heating system?
    Daikin is a brand of heating system that provides high-quality, efficient heating to homes and businesses across Ireland. Here at RTS Heating and Cooling Services Ltd, we provide Daikin heat pump systems including Daikin Altherma systems and Daikin retrofitting services to increase the efficiency of the heating system in your property.

RTS Heating and Cooling Services FAQ

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