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Booking A Heat Pump Service


Thank you for your service. We look forward to helping you with your heat pump. The standard rate for a service is €200. The cost of spare parts will vary, and we will let you know their costs before replacements are made.


Please be aware of the demand for our services has never been greater, if you please be patience with us while we book in your heat pump service.

A Heat Pump service is recommended by your manufacturer and ensures your Heat Pump is in tip-top shape for the year ahead. Failure to service your Heat Pump annually may invalidate your manufacturer’s warranty. Our accredited engineer will inspect, test and service your Heat Pump. 

Daikin heat pump servicing only.
Please be advised, we aim to get to your heat pump services within 20 working days.

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Book A Service

What’s included:

  • A Heat Pump service with an accredited engineer

  • A full suite of tests and checks in line with manufacturer’s instruct

  • Longer lifecycle

    • Regular maintenance and servicing are important for your heat pump to keep it running for as long as possible. Heat pumps that are maintained can last longer than the unmaintained units as regular maintenance is designed to monitor and fix all your unit’s vital parts, preventing the possibility of expensive repairs.

  • Save on future repair costs

    • During a maintenance check, your heat pump service will prevent issues from developing. Heat pumps that receive regular maintenance have an extended service life than poorly maintained units. By spotting and fixing the issue before it worsens, our technician could save you money on a costly repair.

  • More Comfort and reduced Noise

    • Without proper maintenance, a heat pump won’t work as well. It may not be able to heat your home to your desired temperature or make more noise, waking you up in the middle of night. Servicing your heat pump will help reduce the noise and maintain system performance.

  • Maintain Product Warranty

    • Manufacturers offer warranties on new heat pumps. Those warranties usually come with specific terms. One of those terms might be to receive maintenance from a qualified professional. Our skilled service partners are trained to meet your manufactures warranty requirements to ensure that your warranty is maintained.

  • Terms and conditions for your heat pump service are attached here.

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