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    How does Daikin Altherma work? RTS Heating & Cooling

    The Daikin Altherma is an air-to-water heat pump system, simply put, this means it absorbs heat energy from the ambient air and uses it to satisfy your home heating requirements. Heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular as a home heating solution as they answer many concerns relating to conventional heating systems, that is to say, they are more energy efficient and cost effective.

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    Daikin Air Conditioning For Your Home - RTS Heating & Cooling

    Air conditioning is the easiest and most efficient way to control the temperature in your home, providing you with comfort which is particularly beneficial in Ireland’s ever-changing climate. Daikin produce some of the most efficient, innovative air conditioning units on the market and we at RTS Heating & Cooling are proud to have installed units in homes throughout Ireland.

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    Benefits of Daikin Altherma Air Source Heat Pumps - RTS Heating & Cooling

    Homeowners and business owners are increasingly turning to heating systems which do not rely on electricity or combustion and for good reason, as renewable heat pumps come with a myriad of advantages over traditional heating systems.

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