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Daikin Air Conditioning

At RTS Heating & Cooling Services Ltd we supply and install Daikin air conditioning systems which have been classified with the highest energy efficiency labels available. By using this cutting edge technology you are able to maximise your return on investment. They also carefully balance the temperature, heating, humidity and air purity levels for maximum comfort.

We have installed many systems large and small depending on our customers’ needs and have a team of dedicated staff specifically trained in this particular field of our business. Our expert sales team would be happy to advise you on your specific needs in this sector.

Daikin air conditioning systems are available in a variety of designs, so you are sure to find something to match your tastes.

Design options include:

Wall Mounted
Free Standing
Concealed Ceiling
Ceiling Suspended

RTS Heating & Cooling Services Ltd are F-Gas registered.

Daikin air conditioning systems have been built with renewable 

energy in mind. Contact us for a free quote!

Air Conditioning For All Building Types

RTS Heating & Cooling Services Ltd supplies and installs air conditioning systems suitable to all types of buildings and industries, including:

Offices & Large Buildings
Process Cooling Systems
Infrastructure & Data Centre Cooling
Nursing Homes
Apartments & Houses
air conditioning

For more information on our Daikin air conditioning service, get in contact with the team today

Benefits of a Daikin Air Conditioning System

As one of the world’s leading brands of air conditioning systems, there are endless benefits to installing a Daikin air conditioning system in your home or office. As well as regulating the temperature of your property, air conditioning can ventilate and clean the air of your property for a more comfortable and clean atmosphere. Installing a comprehensive air conditioning system in your property can also prevent electronics from overheating, deter insects, and improve the energy and productivity of people in the room. RTS Heating & Cooling Services Ltd offers a comprehensive Daikin Air Conditioning service including installation, servicing, and maintenance for all types of properties.

Daikin Streamer Technology Air Purifier

Our Streamer Technology can inactivate 99.9% of the Novel Coronavirus

Because our care for the planet is absolute, our air purifiers are designed with the latest technology to consume less energy and reduce
their environmental impact.
Our commitment to quality also means providing the best service experience for our customers. From on-site support and installations to troubleshooting and maintenance, our experts are here to help you achieve the perfect climate.

Daikin’s unique double method

  1. The Streamer unit, a high power plasma discharge technology, decomposes harmful substances* inside the unit. These substances are either trapped on the HEPA filter or adsorbed to the deodorizing filter element.

  2. The Active Plasma Ion generation unit provides further purification to the space, by adding purifying elements to the cleaned air. These could for example assist to deodorize smelling curtains and carpets

daikin air purifiers
daikin air purifier

Ducted Solutions

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  • Where can I find Daikin heat pump systems near me?
    RTS Heating and Cooling Services provides a wide range of Dublin and Waterford heat pumps and heat systems including Daikin heat pumps, Daikin energy upgrades, and Daikin Altherma systems.
  • How much does it cost to get a Daikin heat pump system?
    The price of installing a high-quality Daikin heat pump system varies depending on what type of heat system you need, and whether it’s a retrofit heat pump or totally new installation. Get In touch with RTS Heating and Cooling Services Ltd now for a quote on our heat pump systems.
  • What is a Daikin heating system?
    Daikin is a brand of heating system that provides high-quality, efficient heating to homes and businesses across Ireland. Here at RTS Heating and Cooling Services Ltd, we provide Daikin heat pump systems including Daikin Altherma systems and Daikin retrofitting services to increase the efficiency of the heating system in your property.

Daikin Air Conditioning FAQ

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