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Daikin Air Purification

Now more than ever we know the importance of keeping the air in your property clean, fresh, and well ventilated

With this in mind, RTS Heating & Cooling Services Ltd offers a range of leading Daikin air purification products suitable for domestic, commercial, and industrial use. Our air purifiers not only clean the air but are scientifically proven to eliminate 99.98% of coronavirus and 99.97% of flu virus in just 2.5 minutes, making them some of the most efficient and reliable purification systems on the market.
Our leading air purification solution here at RTS Heating & Cooling Services Ltd is the MC55VB HEPA Air Purifier. The MC55VB was developed using innovations across our entire portfolio of products to provide homes, schools and businesses up to 82m2 the highest quality air in a plug and play solution. The unit uses an Electrostatic HEPA Grade 14 Filter and Flash Streamer technology, which are both unique to Daikin, to not only catch viruses and bacteria but also clean the air with plasma ionization as it passes through the unit. This combination is tested by the Institute of Pastille for quality and reliability guaranteed.

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Why Choose the Daikin MC55VB HEPA Air Purifier?

Eliminates 99.9% of Coronavirus & Flu Virus in just 2.5 minutes
Quiet Mark Certified with sound levels ranging from just 19-52dBA for a non-obtrusive solution
Covers spaces of up to 82m squared
Hospital-quality filtration with a 90000 hour lifetime
Suitable for domestic, commercial & industrial spaces
New filter not needed for 10+ Years
Decomposes harmful substances inside unit
Small carbon footprint
daikin air purifier

Benefits of RTS Heating & Cooling Services Ltd Air Purification Services

Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Use

The Daikin MC55VB HEPA Air Purifier is suitable for use in domestic, commercial, and industrial properties. With previous use in homes, schools, offices, warehouses, and many other properties, this air purifier works effectively in properties of all shapes and sizes, purifying air and removing toxins for a safer, healthier, and more hygienic environment.

Fast & Effective Air Purification

As a highly effective and high-powered air purifying system, Daikin air purification systems work quickly to offer fast and effective purification services to properties. As well as cleaning and circulating air, the Daikin MC55VB HEPA air purifier is certified to remove bacteria and viruses from the air in just 2.5 minutes, ensuring the destruction of bacteria, colds, flu, and viruses to protect the health of those in the room.

Long-Lasting, Durable & Reliable

When choosing an air purification system for the home or business, it’s important to invest in a system that’s long-lasting, powerful, and durable while remaining effective for years to come. RTS Heating & Cooling Services Ltd’s Daikin air purifiers are designed to last, offering unbeatable durability and longevity to save you money in the long run.

For a HEPA air filter and purification system you can trust, contact the RTS Heating & Cooling Services Ltd team today

  • Where can I find Daikin heat pump systems near me?
    RTS Heating and Cooling Services provides a wide range of Dublin and Waterford heat pumps and heat systems including Daikin heat pumps, Daikin energy upgrades, and Daikin Altherma systems.
  • How much does it cost to get a Daikin heat pump system?
    The price of installing a high-quality Daikin heat pump system varies depending on what type of heat system you need, and whether it’s a retrofit heat pump or totally new installation. Get In touch with RTS Heating and Cooling Services Ltd now for a quote on our heat pump systems.
  • What is a Daikin heating system?
    Daikin is a brand of heating system that provides high-quality, efficient heating to homes and businesses across Ireland. Here at RTS Heating and Cooling Services Ltd, we provide Daikin heat pump systems including Daikin Altherma systems and Daikin retrofitting services to increase the efficiency of the heating system in your property.

Daikin Air Purification FAQ

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