Is Retrofitting Your Home Heating Worth It?

As conversations about energy efficiency and eco-friendliness grow ever more popular, many people are turning to retrofitting as a cheap and energy-efficient way of improving the energy efficiency of their home heating system. Retrofitting is a cheaper and easier way of increasing the power and heat retention of your home heating system without having to install an entirely new heating system. It seems that there are a huge amount of benefits to retrofitting your home, but many people are still unsure of the ins and outs of this service. If you’ve been contemplating a new heating system but aren’t sure of the best way to go about this, we’re here to help and explain the benefits of retrofitting.

What is Retrofitting?

Simply put, retrofitting is a service that combines your existing heating system with new, modern components to make it work as effectively as possible. By combining an older heating system with new fittings and new technology, you can effectively increase the heat output and retention of your home heating system without having to completely remove your existing system. Not only is this cheaper than installing an entirely new system from scratch, but it also prevents you from having to dig up floors and break down walls in your home to allow for installation. Overall, retrofitting is quite a quick and simple solution to increasing your home’s energy output that doesn’t come with many negatives.

Why Should I Choose Retrofitting?

If you want to upgrade your heating system but can’t justify having to destroy some of the structure of your home to install new pipes and cables, retrofitting is a fantastic option. Not only is the process of retrofit heating far less invasive than installing a brand new system, but it’s much cheaper too, with SEAI grants available to help you along the way. Retrofitting your home heating system is a fantastic way of boosting the heat retention of your home, and also creates a more energy-efficient and cheaper heating system, as the modern design of our Daikin heat pump retrofits are created to be as energy-efficient as possible. This level of heat retention combined with efficiency guarantees greater heat and lower bills in the long-run, saving you money down the line.

Can Any Heating System be Retrofitted?

The good news here is: yes- almost any heating system can be retrofitted with modern components to make your heating system more effective and efficient. If you’re interested in finding out more about retrofit heating systems, or even about how to hire a professional to install a retrofit heating system in your home, why not get in touch with RTS Heating & Cooling Systems today? We provide top-of-the-range retrofit Daikin heat pump systems, with a team of expert professionals who are qualified and experienced in the installation of these fantastic upgrades.


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