heat_statsHeatmiser Thermostats for Underfloor Heating

    Mains Thermostats
    These mains thermostats are “standard” products enabling the replacement of existing thermostats.

    The PRT/HW is a 5/2 day programmable thermostat with an additional 5/2 program for the domestic hot water cylinder. Reduced costs and wiring means the PRT/HW really is an all-in-one solution.

    • Optimum Start
    • 3A volt free contacts
    • 05-35°C temperature range

    Combination Electric Underfloor Heating Thermostat
    RTS Heating & Cooling Services believes your comfort is our priority so let the PRT-E take control of your underfloor heating system. The PRT-E is our combination model designed to meet the needs of every under floor heating system.

    The Heatmiser PRT-E has been designed specifically with underfloor heating in mind. This combination model provides 6 control modes, making it highly flexible and therefore suitable for all types of under floor heating applications.

    Proper controls give the maximum economy from underfloor heating. You pay for controls up front or you pay for running costs afterwards.

    Connect Controls

    HEATControl HC2 is a web-enabled, easily installed two- channel controller for space and water heating applications. The controller allows for web-based control of up to two heating zones or water cylinders.

    Users can centralize control of heating schedules and operating temperatures via a local, internet or smart- phone connection.

    Each channel acts as a stand-alone controller where internet accessible temperature targets are compared with readings from a connected room or cylinder temperature sensor to provide accurate and highly efficient control.

    In-room adjustment of temperature target can also be refined via a local analogue rotary temperature stat or with an optional extra digital display screen.

    Space and cylinder temperatures can be monitored in real- time and graphical history is available for all stored values via an online user interface.

    The HEATControl also provides users/operators with the ability to automatically generate alarm emails or text messages in the event that temperatures are not being maintained or other mechanical issues are present.

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