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    Air Source Heat pumps are capable of cutting heating costs by 70%.

    Oil prices are rocketing and the climate is changing. The effects are visible throughout the world and even the speed of this change seems to be increasing. We hear and see this everyday from our customers. To limit the consequences of global warming as much as possible, CO2 emissions must decrease. The supply of fossil fuels is finite and this leads to continuously higher fuel prices.

    We need to look at a heating solution that uses less energy. It’s time to switch to a heating system that is energy efficient and which produces low C02 emissions.

    Heat Pump Principles
    As with many technologies that we use in every-day life, the basic principles of how a heat pump works are simple. All our surroundings, even a block of ice, has heat. The purpose of a heat pump is to absorb heat in one place where it is plentiful, then to transport and release it in another location where it can be used for space or water heating. Useful heat can be found in the air outdoors, in the ground, and is present in water, rivers, lakes and the sea.

    Even on the coldest winter days, sufficient heat is present to warm our homes and offices – what’s more, it is free. All we have to pay for is the machine to recover it and the cost of the energy to run the machine.

    Unique Benefits

    • they use renewable energy sources (such as outside air)
    • they deliver massive savings in energy
    • they deliver a significant contribution in the fight against CO2 emissions
    • they can provide heating, cooling and domestic hot water
    • we even have a unit that will provide you with water heated up to 80°C for radiators and hot water.

    We are proud to be Daikin approved dealers for heat pumps, chillers & air conditioning.